Signs of Life

How exciting! A number of seeds planted directly in the garden are finally sprouting!

Back on March 8th, I planted peas and carrots, by sowing seeds directly outdoors. Both the Nantes Carrots and the Parisian Carrots made an appearance today, which I thought were a lost cause. I can’t wait to see those cute little round Parisian Carrots!

As for the peas, both kinds were replanted yesterday. Is today’s sprout from yesterday? Or is he the first to finally appear from the planting three weeks ago? I might get to eat a bunch of pea shoots if both plantings were a success. The spinach (planted on March 5th) has also shown up today.

This garden is going to teach me many lessons. To be more patient and not to give up. Just when you think something is lost, it’s time to keep the faith. In a single day, the outlook can be so much brighter!

Okay, and maybe a sunnier weather outlook had something to do with it… but you get my point.

Top! © Angela Capodanno
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