Recent Harvests

Shame on me. I haven’t been sharing photos of my recent harvests, so here they are!

June 24th Harvest

June 29th Harvest
I cut off and enjoyed this main stalk, and already have new side shoots forming. Very tasty! The main stalk was a bit smaller than expected, and I had a difficult time figuring out when to harvest, so I waited for the first yellow flowers to bloom, and then harvested. (I know this is slightly too late.) If anyone has any better advice, please comment below.

June 29th Harvest
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the three different peas I’m growing, and the French Breakfast Radishes. Just yesterday, I removed all of the spent pea vines and planted new seeds. It may be too hot for peas at this time of year, but I’m shading them with other plants, and hope to get another great crop again soon. As for the cute little round Parisian Carrots I was looking forward to, I’m not impressed. I prefer the regular Danvers Carrots that are growing beautifully, and taste even better.

Every week or so, I’m planting a few more Danvers Carrot and French Breakfast Radish seeds, to enjoy a continual harvest. This week, I also planted a rainbow mix of carrot seeds with assorted yellow, orange and purple carrots. They should be a colorful addition to any dish.

July 3rd Harvest
I’m amazed by the incredible quality and flavor of these Red Onions. A youtube video showed me how to easily make a pretty braided string of onions after curing them in the sun for a few days. I suspect that red onions aren’t particularly well suited to curing for long storage times. Most of the stored onions are already shriveled up and wasted. So I’m glad that my instincts told me to leave a few onions in the ground. They are storing quite well there. Even though their tops have completely fallen over now, they seem to be as fresh as ever when pulling them out as needed.

Top! © Angela Capodanno
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