Happy Spring!

Welcome to my garden blog at VisualSpring.net! My intention was to begin this blog on the first day of Spring. How appropriate for a site named “Visual Spring” right? Well, the weather had other plans. Spring arrived with a decidedly wintery snowstorm that knocked out all power. No blog posting for me! And no gardening, either.

Lucky for the garden, my plants were safely tucked in, protected by their new glass cloches.These cloches, or bell jars, are a very French way of providing each plant with an individual greenhouse. We’ll see if the little seedlings under glass make it through the week! Freezing temperatures are forecasted every night this week. I suppose I’m one of those gardeners who can’t wait for the proper time to begin planting, and my baby seedlings may suffer the consequences.

Never fear, the windowsills in the house are overflowing with seedlings getting ready to make their outdoor debut.  For today, I’m just happy the power is back on, and work on my website can begin again. I look forward to sharing my garden adventures!

Top! © Angela Capodanno
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